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07/16/20 3:00 PM
Virtual Meet and Greet
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  1. On Jul 17, 2020, CherylB said:

    Well, I’m disgusted and dissatisfied and disappointed by this as I paid for a meet and greet for Thursday. The money came out of my bank in amounts, no email and nothing to show for it. I’m disgusted this happened.

  2. On Jul 17, 2020, Delphina said:

    My first teenage crush and my first love ?? You always Nick.
    Sending you lots of love all the way from Dubai?? I wish there were more tickets and if you could do a live streaming for fans In this part of the world- Delphina Rodrigues

  3. On Jul 17, 2020, Mandy said:

    Hey Nick it’s Mandy Pierce . I met you and first time met the rest of the group last year. I would of loved to talk to online tonight or tomorrow. Hope all is well.
    Love, Mandy Pierce

  4. On Jul 16, 2020, sylvista7 said:

    Hi Nick, thank you for your livestream and waiting for more to come , more M&G , more chats and more YOU <3 xxx

  5. On Jul 16, 2020, Laura BSB Carter said:

    Hi Nick,
    My name is Jillian I live in Seattle and I have 4 sisters. My second youngest sister, Laura has Down syndrome and is your biggest fan. No joke. She is such a fan that she has had all of her BSB sisters attend all of your concerts in Seattle. You guys always put on an awesome show so we are all fans as well. Laura is turning 36 this year and we always have a BSB themed party with our friends and family. They all know Backstreet Boys songs. Bsb songs have been played at all of our weddings and any Karaoke parties we have attended. We all have special dances we do for each song. Wondering if you are into doing birthday calls or virtual birthday wishes? She would just die!!!

  6. On Jul 16, 2020, Nicksgirl2020 said:

    I contacted the website and this os the link to go to watch nick


  7. On Jul 16, 2020, Tara45 said:

    I wish there were more tickets

  8. On Jul 16, 2020, Kristell said:

    Please Nick I have our $150, but please put More M&G. I want to see you and send you all muy blessings. I love you

  9. On Jul 16, 2020, KrissyBSB7 said:

    Please make this Looped call available with a video to view later. I plan on doing the call with my son and want to have this moment forever.

  10. On Jul 15, 2020, Krystal Youngs said:

    Please add more dates and times! This would be an opportunity of a lifetime!

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