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12/20/20 1:00 PM

*Virtual Meet & Greet Details Will Be Emailed To Purchasers In The Evening, Pacific Time, on Friday, 12/18/20.

*Please Download The Looped App After Purchasing

*Virtual Meet & Greets will run 1pm - 4pm PT 

Virtual Meet and Greet
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  1. On Dec 21, 2020, Krystal Lynn said:

    Does anyone know if the looped call will automatically record and be sent to our email?

  2. On Dec 20, 2020, patba1968 said:

    Its sold out glad I bought mine

  3. On Dec 19, 2020, Ruth Munoz said:

    It’s only for United states?

  4. On Dec 19, 2020, Debbie Barrera said:

    How do you perchas

  5. On Dec 19, 2020, Angelica28 said:

    I hope it’s not sold out ????????

  6. On Dec 19, 2020, cherryberry said:

    Is this sold out?

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