I'm Burning Up

I'm Burning Up Official Video

  1. On Jan 1, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Nick sings this song also!

  2. On Sep 20, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Love it he is one of a kind one in a million the best ever lots of love support always ur fan 4Ever in South Carolina woohoo

  3. On Sep 29, 2014, bsbnickcarterfan28 said:

    hey nick I love the song and the video and I got a question to ask u I want a sign autograph by u is there any way u can email me back so I can give u my address to mail me one

  4. On Sep 7, 2014, Sara1983 said:

    I love the video, make me burning up!! :)

  5. On Dec 12, 2011, SwayShay said:

    Love this video and double love cuz I'm in it! :D

  6. On Nov 22, 2011, Mara Saraiva said:


  7. On Nov 22, 2011, Janet said:

    Awesome video!! Love it!

  8. On Nov 22, 2011, Stine said:

    I would say this is the best music video of all time! Keep up the good work, Nick! :)

  9. On Nov 22, 2011, Tatty said:

    LOVE it!!!

  10. On Nov 21, 2011, Meg said:

    Love this video!! :)

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