1. On Jan 22, 2018, Alex DeBellis said:

    What a funny video I’m part of Actra as well so if you ever making a movie in Canada I could be in your movie

  2. On Nov 27, 2017, ktbspa1234 said:

    That was THE most cutest interview EVER !

  3. On Nov 20, 2017, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Nick is so cool! He gives great answers also. I love to watch him when he talks.

  4. On Nov 17, 2017, Ilze said:

    Nick is awesome!! Mostly I just enjoy him being so happy! :3 :3
    But really, I can't wait the new music from the Backstreet Boys!! :3

  5. On Nov 17, 2017, Misskristin19 said:

    Can't Nick for the album with the backstreet boys!!! I'm used losing things like my sunglasses lol ????

  6. On Nov 17, 2017, Tomoko Nishioka said:

    I can't wait to read he whole article and watch the video...but I just reached the office!! lol This will be my lunchtime fun. :) Good job Nick!

  7. On Nov 16, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Love this love him he is so adoreable the best lots of love fan4Ever in South Carolina

  8. On Nov 16, 2017, SwayShay said:

    Awesome! :)
    I love it! I enjoy watching you and your answers. I'm used to losing stuff usually it's my car keys LOL!! ;)