1. Danielle Mckay avatar

    On Dec 20, 2018, Danielle Mckay said:

    Merry Nickmas!!!! I can’t wait to see you in 2019. I had to take a bsb break this year because I welcomed my first baby! Bring on backstreet adventures 2019

  2. Sophie avatar

    On Dec 17, 2018, Sophie said:

    I love Nickmas! It’s always so much fun to try to win the prizes. I’m glad it’s back again. Good Luck to everybody!

  3. JulieOrr avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, JulieOrr said:

    see you next year in Indy Nick

  4. Bonnie Looi avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, Bonnie Looi said:

    Thank you Nick for doing Nickmas again for the Third year!!! I always look forward to December every year for your amazing contest Nickmas and your generosity!! So many great prizes to win and yes I signed up and hopefully I be one of the lucky winners this year (haven't won anything yet) as I am going to Vegas in April 2019 for one of the shows, to win the Vegas VIP M&G would be a Christmas wish come true to meet you Nick again would be amazing and esp in Vegas! Maybe this year would be my year...:)

    Happy Nickmas to all!!!!

  5. Jun avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, Jun said:

    Hope I got merch pack this time,
    I already had amazing memories at Vegas and I can't afford another trip to Vegas again... For DNA world tourn in Japan...
    some lucky fans should have see the show, it was amazing!
    Just thank you for "Nickmas", I hope Nick will login here for us while holiday season;),

  6. Tomoko Nishioka avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, Tomoko Nishioka said:

    Hell yes, if I won the Vegas VIP I’ll be flying all the way from Singapore, which will take about 24 hours to get to Vegas! ???? Already flew to Miami for the cruise this May, why not Vegas ??

  7. Ilze avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, Ilze said:

    I guess I have said this under every of posts, but really : Nick has a big heart!!
    And I'm excited how Nickmas turns out this year, but one thing I know for sure : Nickmas makes me happy!! As well as Nick do! And so I have to thank both: Nick & the Fanclub team for making this real this year again!!!
    Happy Nickmas !!

  8. Petra avatar

    On Dec 16, 2018, Petra said:

    That would be nice if ... I never won anything. Just coming to Vegas would be a problem. Nick, it tells you everybody that you're amazing, but it's true. I wish beautiful Christmas holidays.????????