1. CamillaPoland avatar

    On Mar 4, 2019, CamillaPoland said:

    Hey Nick :) First of all its such a beautiful song ,,No place'' I just cannot wait when I will see you guys on Torwar halle on june 24 th .
    I will be there with my sisters in law its actually my Birthday present from them:) Isnt its wonderful ! See you in Poland

  2. Joanne Adamidou avatar

    On Feb 5, 2019, Joanne Adamidou said:

    Although "Millenium" and "This is us" are stuck in my head and so close to my heart, I am really growing to love DNA. It's so modern, with a funky twist, while also so representative of the BSB sound. I am so excited for the boys, they deserve that GRAMMY and to get to #1 once again! Cheers to many many years of good music!

  3. Cindy07110 avatar

    On Jan 13, 2019, Cindy07110 said:

    I’m excited that they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve from the media/public. Personally I’m excited for the new tour!!

  4. Lemi avatar

    On Jan 13, 2019, Lemi said:

    I can't explain how thrilled I am listening your new songs!!! !! It's amazing how amotional I can be knowing it's BSB ???? music!!! Once fan always fan ?????????? Love you guys so much ??????????????!!! Can't wait for Grammy!! Can't wait for new almpum!!!????????????????????????I hope we'll see you sometime in Greece !!!

  5. Greicy Monteiro avatar

    On Jan 11, 2019, Greicy Monteiro said:

    Soooo excited! First time going as VIP and Meet and Greet!! Can’t wait!!!
    July is too far!!!

  6. Elzbieta avatar

    On Jan 11, 2019, Elzbieta said:

    Ready for everything - BSB year is gonna be my year too . Can't wait for new album ????

  7. Camilla camii_ni avatar

    On Jan 11, 2019, Camilla camii_ni said:

    I’m so excited about everything happening this year!! It’s going to be another year full of BSB everywhere, but even more special because we have a new album and a new tour!! And OMG we have the Grammys next month!! My mind is exploding with all these amazing things and all the appearances the boys will made, we’ll have lots of material to freaking out about! lol
    Ohh and about No Place, which I’m listening right now of course, is by my favorite video ever! <3

  8. Lady Debbie avatar

    On Jan 11, 2019, Lady Debbie said:

    Nick no place is such a beautiful song , the video is absolutely adorable to see you all with your families doing everyday things , can’t wait to see you July 15th in Montreal I will be bringing my bff Stephanie it’ll be her 1st bsb show going to be simply amazing:} don’t worry I’m training Stephanie well :) got my email today to redeem for a physical copy of DNA awaiting is the hardest part plus DNA comes out 4 days after my birthday what an amazing awesome belated birthday gift from my boys take care bye bye from cold Montreal

  9. JenR avatar

    On Jan 11, 2019, JenR said:

    I can’t wait to get the new album and to see the boys live (for the first time since Black&Blue) for my birthday in July (Toronto show)!!! I’m just as excited now as I was back then, if not more!!! Lol so many great things to come this year, I can feel it!!

  10. Sophie avatar

    On Jan 10, 2019, Sophie said:

    I’m ready, and so excited for BSB year! I’m excited for DNA Album, more Vegas shows, and DNA Tour!