1. Pamela Andrea Martínez Fica avatar

    On Mar 3, 2019, Pamela Andrea Martínez Fica said:

    I was at the meet and greet where I was able to greet them. They were all very kind and affectionate to me. I was also in the first rows in the Quinta Vergara where the Festival de Viña del Mar takes place. The show was amazing. It was a magical night of mutual love between BSB and us fans. I can not wait to see you with your DNA world tour. Love you Nick!

  2. JulieOrr avatar

    On Mar 3, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    Hi Nick see you in Indy

  3. Jocy05 avatar

    On Mar 3, 2019, Jocy05 said:

    I’m so glad to say I was there in Viña singing along every song. I’m from Charlotte,NC but have been living in Santiago for the past 8 years and appreciate you guys coming back with the DNA tour. Congratulations on an excellent performance!

  4. cidnye avatar

    On Mar 3, 2019, cidnye said:

    I was there, just THANKS YOU...

    Come back soon ....

  5. Bridgerella avatar

    On Mar 3, 2019, Bridgerella said:

    It was AMAZING!! I was there singing and screaming for the awards. I had sooo much fun. Thank You guys, it was a perfect night.