1. Clarebear avatar

    On Jun 18, 2019, Clarebear said:

    Awww that’s a lovely story, The One is also my favourite song because for similar reasons, I suffer from depressive episodes and I’ve been lucky enough to have some interaction with Nick on social media during these and he does indeed help take me from darkness to light xx

  2. Ilze avatar

    On Jun 9, 2019, Ilze said:

    What a sweet story! Glad, she won!

  3. Annette Sjursen avatar

    On Jun 4, 2019, Annette Sjursen said:

    Last week was a roller coaster. Wednesday I received the news that I need to have my uterus removed due to Cervix cancer so no more kids for me (but I have been blessed with two beautiful girls of 2 and 13 thankfully). Came home, started to pack since I didn't want bad news to destroy my BSB weekend that I had been longing for so long. Friday, my two BSB-sisters and I travelled to Gothenburg only to discover that we were staying 2 blocks away from 5 lovely fellows which we were lucky enough to meet outside the hotell. They were so sweet and took some time for all of us, it was great. This was followed by a fantastic show in Scandinavium, where we had dna circle tickets. So amazing beeing able to dance all through the concert. My favorite song that night was "don't want you back" because the energy on stage and in the arena was unbelivable. After a few hours sleep, I woke up on Saturday to the sad news that my Grandad past away that night. But I knew that I couldn't do anything about it, so decided to try to enjoy the rest of my weekend. After breakfast we went to Oslo, got our makeup on, and got in line for Meet & Greet. It always goes too fast, but it gives so many good memories. Another Great concert in the dna circle. My favourite song that night was "breathe". Being able to do acapella is what seperates a good band from a Great band. And the song also embodied a lot of the feelings I had inside. The week ended in Stockholm, were we had ordinary ga tickets, so we queed for hours, reliving past experiences. Standing in front of the circle scene, was a great experience since we got to see the show from a different angle. Highlight that night was "the one" which has been one of my favourite songs since the album came out in 1999. It was an amazing BSB weekend!