Baby Carter #3 Is On The Way!

Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 6:00 AM by User
Baby Carter #3 Is On The Way!
Surprise! Nick Carter is expecting another little one with wife, Lauren, in addition to their two children, Odin and Saoirse.

"With everything that 2020 has given to the entire world, I look at it as a blessing. We love our two children and we pride ourselves in being great parents," Nick told People magazine exclusively.  

In the same interview, the couple reveals that this news was a surprise to them as well, after suffering three miscarriages previously, and that they will be welcoming this new arrival in April. You can read all of the details about their latest parenthood journey here and watch the couple talk about it to People here!

Nick, who has made it no secret that he absolutely adores being a dad, shared a video of a sonogram minutes after the announcement was released, adding that "sometimes life blesses you with little surprises". Can we get a collective "aww"?

Leave your well wishes for the parents below! 

  1. On Mar 8, 2021, David C said:

    Congrats, man on #3. Oh, heard about Odin's chipped tooth. There's a nickname for him, Chip (from Beauty and the Beast)!

  2. On Jan 21, 2021, April71 said:

    aw Congrats you guys, so happy for you love from Scotland xx

  3. On Jan 20, 2021, JeanO1984 said:

    Congratulations to u all.

  4. On Jan 16, 2021, valentina ricci said:

    Congrats for your new baby Nick and Lauren!!!!!!

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