1. On Aug 15, 2021, Johanna Carter said:

    Does this event show up to Facebook Live? That was great idea to get Backstreet Christmas event on there.
    Love you NICK ????

  2. On Jul 13, 2021, alexsa2686 said:

    Sad to be missing this event!

  3. On Jul 9, 2021, Bsb_88 said:

    I wish I could see nick one day.. when I was in Dubai you just came and on the same day I came to Toronto ..now I’m in Toronto wish to see you .. fan since 1999

  4. On Jul 9, 2021, Johanna Carter said:

    My dream has been for very long time meeting you Nick in person. I live in Finland and you don't come here so often so it's hard for me to get in touch with you ????????.

  5. On Jul 8, 2021, Lilchika98 said:

    One day…my dream…to meet you & the rest of the Backstreet Boys??????

  6. On Jul 8, 2021, Nattorr said:

    My dream is to meet you Nick, hopefully one day 'soon' you will smash this event like you always do??????????

  7. On Jul 7, 2021, Vegas Mermaid said:

    This is so exciting! Can't wait to some see you all! I hope this turns into a long term show!!! Congrats!

  8. On Jul 7, 2021, JenJen2120 said:

    Would love to. My goal or bucket list is to meet Nick. That is my all time wish.

  9. On Jul 7, 2021, silva gjoka said:

    eish i could??

  10. On Jul 7, 2021, NORI91 said:

    I wish I could come & meet Nick in person. ? But sad to say that Im from Philippines, too far ????

    Congrats Nick! For sure it will be successful ???